The Day I was Held Hostage

by BKR Crew July 28, 2016 2 Comments

I was held hostage yesterday day and shot at twice with a foot I just had surgery on.  I was 30 minutes away from cell service down a dirt road with little to no visibility of the highway.

It's a very cliche thing to say but you never really understand it until you live it. Live everyday likes its your last. I started BKR Crew because I enjoy everyday of life and want to spread the message that you do not have to live for someone else, if you just be yourself and do the things that make you happy, than you will die happy. 

Yesterday, at 5pm,  I decided I wanted to drive up independence pass and get some pictures and set up my hammock so I could be outside. Normally, I would go mountain biking around this time but since I just had surgery I am still using crutches and in a boot. Taking photos was the only thing that came to mind. My plan was to go up to the grottos and hang out at the picnic area, but then I saw Lincoln creek road and I had never been to the lake up there. Almost turning around because I saw bear warning signs, I knew I wouldn't have a fighting chance against a bear because I was very immobile due to surgery. But taking my chances, I drove about 100 yards down the dirt road. Bears were the least of my worries.

I stopped about 50 yards from two cars blocking the road, one big truck facing down the road and another facing towards me. They were parallel. I saw two guys with their hands on their heads facing the car parallel to the truck. It appeared as if they might have gotten into an accident because they looked frustrated and I saw a license plate dangling out of place. I then saw a hand come out of the truck and wave me forward. I thought they were in need of some help so I started driving towards them. 

When I got close to the truck the guy got out and pulled a gun on me. He told me to get out of my car and put my hands on my head because he wanted to kill me. He thought I was a threat to him and thought I came to kill him. I was extremely confused and was just there to get pictures for my website. He told me and the two other guys to take off our shirts to see if we had any weapons or anything on our persons. He went into my car to turn it off and look at my phone. 

We were 30 minutes from cell service so I knew I shouldn't be expecting any help. He was extremely aggravated and there was no talking him down. The two other guys and myself pleaded with him to let us go, but he was determined. We told him we would give him anything that he wanted, we just didn't want to die. We offered him one of our cars and our cell phones, hoping he would take the bait and just leave. He didn't want to rob us. He wanted to kill us.

He asked, "what is your race" ? I said “me…?” He said no the two white Guy's. Thinking well, he's racist. So I told him I'm 50% Caucasian and 50% Filipino. He had me come closer and wanted us in a line with me first. The other two guys got a few feet away and asked if they could go three steps forward. I thought maybe he's lining us up in a collateral to shoot us all. He had us face him. Then a white trail blazer started heading up the hill coming from the campground. The gunman looked away for a second and the two guys ran. I got the hint when the guys asked to be a few feet away. I knew I didn't have a chance because I didn't know if the police were there yet and I was wearing a surgical boot which was preventing me from running and would risk me getting outran and possibly killed. 

The gunman then had me get about three feet away from him. He told me to tell the trailblazer to come forward and if I didn't he would shoot my kneecap. I knew if the people in the car were smart that they wouldn't put themselves in the situation. The gunman sat down on the seat in the rear driver side, his feet hanging out if the truck and his gun pointed at my head. He had cover from the other car parallel to him and his truck as well. He then pulled out a second gun. He told me if I took my hands off my head at all that he would kill me right there. Pointing one gun at my heart and the other in my face, I didn't think I would make it out of there. I saw a man on the highway wearing blue, he was looking at the situation and knowing the other two guys had escaped, I knew there must be help on the way. 

The Gunman thought I was there to kill him and he didn't want money to begin with, he said he didn't want me to kill his family, he didn't want to die but looking at his eyes, I saw that he didn't care if he did. He was suicidal. He wanted to die and he wanted to take me with him. 

I knew if I had any chance, I would have to talk him out of shooting me. Like anyone, we all have watched movies and shows that involved this situation. This was not fake, but I knew if I wanted to survive I needed to stall this guy from killing me at least so the cops could get in position to take him out. 

  So, I asked where he was from and asked him about his family. I was trying to get as much personal information as I could to calm him down. Than he mentioned that he was Jason Bourne, and I asked him if he was going to see the new one. He responded with “I want to.” I said “We'll lets go see it together, if you put your guns down no one is going to hurt you.” Then I saw two cops arrive at the top of the road. I knew they were out of gun range and would not have a clear shot on the gunman. I noticed that one of the cops disappeared and went up to the woods above me. The cop at the top of the road was yelling down to let me go. This got the gunman mad, he thought I was an actor and I was one of them. 

The gunman was convinced I worked for the government and was there to take him out. He was saying how I have snipers all over, and drones to take him out. I was doing my best to convince him that none of that was true and I was just there to take pictures. If I didn’t have my foot cast/boot on I would have been out of there a lot quicker. Just my luck.

He than had me yell at the cop to tell him that he wants 100 million dollars and that he would kill me if he didn't get it. He then said he wanted in writing that they wouldn't kill him. I was the middle man, yelling back and forth what he wanted. At this point, I was weak from standing and wasn't suppose to be standing on my surgical foot that long. My hands and arms grew tired and went numb. I felt like I was going to faint but the adrenaline helped me stay awake. I knew if I fainted and moved that he would shoot me because he thought I was an actor sent to kill him.

The cops kept yelling at him over and over again, and the gunman had me yelling his messages back to the cops. The gunman threatened to shoot my knee caps off, then wanted to shoot my surgical foot. I think he wanted to see if I was actually really scared or acting. He had me turn away from him, I thought he was going to shoot me. Than he fired. I thought I was dead. I thought maybe the adrenaline had overcome the pain, but he missed. I felt the velocity of the bullet by my leg but he did not hit me. I knew it was real because I could smell the gunpowder. All my senses were enhanced. The whole time with him I was thinking about dying and how my family would react. But, at the same time I knew I had to fight. If I was going to die I was going to at least die fighting.  At this point, I knew he was serious about killing me. There were cops there and he fired his gun at me, it seemed as if he didn't care if he was shot. I panicked, but stayed still asking him,  “please don't shoot, please don't shoot; there not going to hurt you.”  

He wanted to shoot me somewhere so the cops knew he was serious, but I talked him out of it. I told him if he shot me anywhere then the cops may shoot and kill him. I told him if he put his guns down that they wouldn't kill him. He wasn't having it. The gunman then yelled to the cop at the top of the road to come behind the tree, about 20-30 yards from me. The cop refused and I was just yelling “Please please, he's going to kill me if you don’t." I knew he couldn't do it because that would put him in the line of fire. I told the gunman I would do anything he asked. He wanted the cop to come down but he wanted to test me as well. He then had me tell the cop(s) above us to come down. I never saw the cop above me, but I knew the gunman kept glancing at him. 

There were bees hovering around my legs and he wanted them to sting me so he could shoot the bees on my leg and put a bullet in me. The cop on the top of the road was yelling to let me go and they could get him whatever he wanted if he let me go. The cop yelling so far away aggravated the gunman because the gunman couldn't hear him, forcing me to yell every word. The gunman wanted to shoot my kneecaps so they knew he was serious. Then he wanted to shoot my leg so I couldn't run. I was begging and begging that he wouldn't. He then had me turn around, he kept getting angrier and angrier. 

 It looked like he didn't care if he would die if he killed me. He was waving his guns at my chest, than my head, than one pointed in the cops direction, than at my chest again. He was frustrated and certain they were going to kill him. 

I knew if I didn’t change the pace of the situation that I was surely dead soon. He was only a few feet away from me and he was covered from the vehicles from what I could tell. I was in front of the gunman so the cops couldn't take a clear shot of him. I slowly inched myself away every chance he took his eyes off of me.

I told him I would drive him anywhere he wants and he can keep me hostage. I was trying to give him as many opportunities so he wouldn’t focus on shooting me so quickly. Looking down a barrel of a gun, I was desperate. 

Tears running down my face and shaking in shock. The adrenaline kept me going. They say you flashback on life when you face death and have a movie effect. That happened to me but in a different way. My family came to mind. The fact that I didn't get a chance to say good bye and say how much I love all of them. My whole life, I just wanted to make my dad proud and change the world. I knew I hadn't gotten there yet. I knew I had to survive to accomplish that goal. I knew there was more out there than death for me. I was breaking down, but I couldn’t let my family and friends down.

The gunman’s mood was crazy the whole time, but I kept looking in his eyes to see if I could tell if he was going to kill me. I would calm him for a second, then the situation would turn into mayhem once again. He had me turnaround, with my back towards him. The whole time he wanted me turned towards him, other than the one time he fired the shot by my leg. Knowing this, I was certain I was about to die. This is sounding really dramatic but this was the adrenaline kicking in allowing me to think straightly even though my body language was the complete opposite.

I yelled at the cop to please come down or he was going to kill me. The gunman was yelling and saying he would kill me and he didn't want to die. He asked me if I believe in eternity. I asked him, “do you?.” He said he did and that he wanted to live. I told him if you put the guns down you will live. 

Then the cop starting yelling again to let me go. The gunman’s mood changed again and he went chaotic. Saying things like, “you’re going to kill me, you’re going to kill my family, I want 100 million dollars.” Then, he fired. I was looking away from him and thought that I was shot, but couldn't feel it. I didn't take my hands off of my head to check for a wound, because I knew if I did than he would shoot me dead. I thought at that moment that I was gone, but I wasn’t. He missed. He fired and it went right past my head.

He had me turn around with both guns pointed at me. I was doing everything he asked, in hopes there would be the moment that I could run, or at least hop in my case. I started talking to him again, mentioning if he's been to Hawaii, because he asked where I was from. I started talking about the Aloha spirit and how everyone there is kind and welcoming. I told him I would not hurt him and that I didn’t want him dead. All I wanted was for him to put his guns down so he wouldn’t die and I wouldn’t have to die.

Then a change of pace occurred once again. He became more frustrated and confused about his next move. He pointed both of the guns at himself then pointed them both at me. Then he would place them over his head in a frustrated manner. He kept pointing the guns at my face, then at the cop(s), then over his head.  I saw him start to get comfortable in the truck, but knew that wouldn't last long.

 Of course, he blew up. It came to the point where he told me he was going to kill me and than himself. I knew I had no time. So, I waited for any opportunity to arise. I didn’t care if I had to dive off the cliff into the small river below. I just wanted to try and get out of there. Maybe, he wouldn’t pull the trigger or maybe the cops would take a shot. I didn’t know, but I did know I didn’t want to die.

I was shaking and about to collapse from the adrenaline. My arms went completely numb and my foot was throbbing. The gunman then began to scoot into the truck a little more. I was right outside the door but I knew if I dived or ducked behind the truck bed that this might provide some cover if the cops swarmed it. 

I had it, I was done. Almost giving up on life I saw the opportunity. He pushed himself more towards the center of the backseats still with a gun pointed at me. Then he turned around for a second. When I saw that initial movement I ran (hopped), behind the truck-bed. I saw the cop on the top of the road move in and I heard the gunman swear and yell, I figured the cop(s) on the hill above me  moved in on the gunman. Knowing that I was still in his line of site I zig zagged and ran through any trees or objects that could keep my head away from any bullet(s) heading my way. Once I got up the road I was greeted by officers with AR’s, the witnesses and the other two hostages that had escaped well before me. I knew at that point I was alive.

It’s hitting me hard as I write down what happened to me yesterday, but all I can say to myself is, “Im alive.” I was worried about my family and worried that they were worried. I didn’t want them to freak out because I was alive and coming home.

We sat at the top of the road by the highway for awhile as they got the gunman in custody and went through our cars for evidence. I was in shock and didn’t know what to say. On the brightside, I did get a suntan because they had to keep my shirt and the other two hostages shirts for evidence.

From today on, I will always remember this experience. Its not the best memory, but I realized at that moment, that life is something worth living. Before, I was already all about life and being myself and being the best me I could possibly be. Today and everyday I have left in this world I am going to push myself as far as I possibly can to get the BKR Crew worldwide and find the potential in everyone to get rid of the bad and welcome the good into their lives.


I would like to thank everyone who gave me the fighting chance to still be here today.





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Kelly Moore-Coullahan
Kelly Moore-Coullahan

July 29, 2016

Blake I can’t even put into words how sorry I am this happen to you. Reading your account of it was hard enough I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for you. We are here for you whatever you need. It broke my heart a little bit when you talked about wanting your dad to be proud of you. He is already so incredibly proud of you I hope you know that who you are now and everything you have achieved and stand for is more than enough are amazing we love you so much!! Send in the mountains of love and Aloha. Your Paia Ohana
Ingrid Milinazzo
Ingrid Milinazzo

July 28, 2016

Thank you for sharing your story. It is terribly frightening but very interesting to read how you chose to deal with your situation. I am so happy you are alive to share your story. Coming so close to someone so mentally ill or crazy on drugs is truly an experience you’ll never forget. May the rest of your life be long and healthy and free of any other violent experience.

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